Gamification + Storytelling
Create & publish immersive learning programs without coding
Instructors present subjects through story-telling games, assembly projects,
research puzzles and quests
Students explore subjects by co-creating a lesson led by the instructor
for corporations , schools , colleges and individual instructors
use your own equipment or visit our certified VR portals near you

What we do

  • Provide VR headset at a certified location near you
  • Provide easy to use curriculum building tools and templates
  • Promote your programs and lesson plans internationally
  • Arrange student sessions and feedback loop via LMS
  • Provide student performance data for recommendations on learning trajectories
  • For individual instructors - deposit 10% royalties for recorded classes and 50% fees from live on-demand sessions directly to your account
  • ️For corporations - license the platform for internal education and training
Prepare projects and record instructions inside VR
Teach live on-demand or let students follow recorded instructions with your after-class review via LMS
Provide feedback and approve student content for sharing
Participants can share content as a
VR experience
Mobile game
YouTube story
Project-Based group activities that are so important for learning are impossible or costly in real life – imagine going to the Moon and back.., learning English in a role-play with Queen Elizabeth , or assembling a turbo engine together with the engineers at the Boeing factory in Seattle.
Immersive capabilities of VR shorten the distance between the concept and its application, simulating real or imaginary circumstances at will.
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Wanna chat? Ping us onDiscord
© 2022 EcoSystemOne. All rights reserved.